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say hi to forever ;;
elle's fic archive
26th-Dec-2012 11:42 pm
golden disk
so i need to write up an introduction for myself sometime soon, but the holdiays have inevitably gotten in the way. i'm sorry! ^^' hopefully everything will tone down and i'll stop wasting time on tumblr and procrastinating on all the work that still remains to be done. will do it asap! have been stalking gdgdbaby, etc…'s fics but haven't had a chance to review yet. i promise i will once i have a chance! i'm planning on making a fic reccomendations list once i get a chance also, how bout it? ;P

was considering changing my account name to shuffleadream, so it matches my asianfanfics account. gahhh lj why do you have to make it $15 i'm poor as fuck. "OTL

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